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Laufende Dissertationen am Fachgebiet Architekturkommunikation

Autorin:  Deniz Yatağan Baumeister
Titel: The Effect of Migration on Children's Relationship to Their Environment and Their Sense of Place
Beginn: April 2011
Dissertation eingereicht: Oktober 2019


The research is going to focus on the concept of „home“ for children with a migratory background. After leaving a familiar place, children and adults alike need an adjustment period to turn their new environment into a „home“. This research looks at the effects of a move during the formative phase of the concept of „home“ in a child’s development and aims to develop design ideas and principles to help immigrant children find new home places in a foreign environment. Moreover, children should be involved in the design process of these places, allowing them to shape their environment according to their specific needs and empowering them to become active members of the community in a culturally diverse environment, creating places which allow them to benefit from the diversity and wealth of experiences in a multi-national neighbourhood. The study will include extensive research on the effect of migration and cultural differences on migrant children’s definition of home, their sense of place and space, and their particular design necessities. In order to reach design ideas, immigrant children’s feedback and ideas on their private and social living places are going to be discovered through workshops, interviews and place making activities.